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The MesInfos Open Conference will be in French, but real time translation will be available. 

If personal data are so useful and important to companies and public actors, why then couldn’t people find their own use for them? What if, tomorrow, organizations that gather personal data actually shared those data with the individuals they relate to, so they can use it for themselves, and to their own ends?

On June 21, from 9.30am to 5pm at the Musée des Confluences (Lyon, France), Fing, Greater Lyon and their partners invite you to discuss the outcomes of the MesInfos pilot: a unique project that aims to put the power of personal data in the hands of the individuals they concern!

The MesInfos pilot, led by Fing (the Next-Generation Internet Foundation), gathers several corporations, public institutions and Lyon Metropole, to explore what we call “Self Data”. For close to a year, more than 2,000 individuals have been able to gather and store the personal data that MesInfos’ partners held about them, and to use them, under their initiative and their control, via innovative services running in their personal, secure dataspaces. MesInfos is also a founding member of the European MyData community (

So join us on the 21st of June to learn from the experience of MesInfos’ users and developers; to understand the potential and challenges of Self Data for all parties, from individuals to organizations, and how it relates to the new data portability right within GDPR; and to map the way forward for companies, local communities and public agencies.

This is a free and open event, but registration is required.

Free registration but necessary